Unleashing Quotes by Abigail Breslin

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I don't really like   to talk about other people. I think people who have things going on in their   lives, I think they have enough to deal with, they don't need, you know,   Abigail Breslin weighing in on their lives.


I'd love to work   with Michelle Williams. I think that she's incredible. She's such a great   actress and I love her.

I've never had a   treehouse because I live in New York City. It would be a little bit hard to   fit a treehouse in a New York City apartment.


People say, like,   'Are you a regular person?' 'Well, I'm not a robot, if that's what you're   asking, I really am a person.'

A lot of the time   I'm working with people who are older than me.

I've always been a   huge fan of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies.

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