Top 10 Quotes By Barbara Lee

Nine years ago on   September 14, 2001, I placed the lone vote against the 'Authorization for Use   of Military Force' - an authorization that I knew would provide a blank check   to wage war anywhere, at any time, and for any length.

We all agree that   we've got to bring these terrorists to justice and to make sure that they're   never allowed to perpetrate such an evil act as they did. And so all of us   are dealing with that. We know that the President has the authority to go to   war under the War Powers Act.

I wish the press   were paying more attention to the erosion of the Constitution and the   slippery slope that we're getting into, by giving up the right of the   Congress to talk about when and how and where we go to war.

I am also deeply   concerned with the widespread, often undiagnosed, incidents of PTSD and the   alarming suicide rates amongst our returning soldiers.

As the daughter of   a 25-year veteran of the armed forces, I am incredibly thankful for the   sacrifices our women and men have made in Iraq, and continue to make in   Afghanistan.


The last two   elections were stolen. They were stolen and so we will not rest until we   reclaim our democracy and this is what today is all about.


I am convinced   that military action will not prevent further acts of international terrorism   against the United States.

What they are   doing is taking something that otherwise creates pollution and turning it   into something useful.

We must use all   the tools of American power in resolving disputes, including diplomacy. And   we must have sufficient congressional debate and oversight before ever   putting another U.S. solider in harm's way.

We need to honor   our troops who served and show our support by giving our men and women who   served the best health care, the best educational opportunities, and the best   job training available. They deserve nothing less.