Top 10 Quotes by  Adam Levine 

Not every song has   to be about love and tenderness, sometimes you have those strictly physical   feelings for somebody and it's okay to have those feelings.

I was a huge   Beatles fan. The Stones, Dylan. Later on, I got into Stevie Wonder, and Bill   Withers - he's one of my heroes. Al Green, too.

So many people   witness atrocities and can't take their eyes away from them, but that doesn't   mean they're good.

I have a high   self-opinion - I don't need to hide that. I don't need to be   self-deprecating.

I'm intelligent   enough to survive happily and be compassionate. If I were too smart, I would   realize all the ills of the world.

I love music   videos, I really do. I think it's kind of sad that it's a dying art form.

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I do believe that I   deserve what I have. I don't think I'm entitled to it. That's a big   difference.

As a pop star, you   don't have to be that smart for people to think you're intelligent.

Furnishing a home   is no different than going into the studio and making music. You want to make   sure you've pared down all the extra details so that in the end, every stitch   has a context uniquely yours.

There are many   things that keep me from getting married. But there will be a time when   marriage makes sense to me.