Smile Quotes From Bassem Youssef

Part of the reason   why people get radicalized is because they feel they are disenfranchised;   that they not there; that they are bullied. But if they are represented, they   can't go and say to themselves: 'Oh, this society hates us!'

The bigger you   become of a celebrity, the bigger the expectations, the pressure on you - to   make change, to say what people want, to target the people they want to   target. Fame is toxic; it is quite toxic.

A lot of people   tend to glorify the role of satire and comedians. They put them up as role   models, as fighters for the truth and against tyranny, and I think that's   overrated.

Sarcasm all around   the world is always against right wing and against people in power. That's   the definition of political sarcasm.

I never thought of   myself as a comedian. That is a label - make me laugh. I want to make you   think.

My show in Egypt   was called, 'The Show,' or, 'Al Bernameg' in Arabic. Basically, it was a   political satire show. It started on Internet by three, four-minute episodes,   and then it evolved into a live show in a theater, which was something that   was unprecedented in the Arab world.

When we overthrew   Mubarak, we did this in 18 days. And because we were very naive and very   unexperienced in revolutions, we thought that that was it. It is very   difficult to imagine that you can actually get rid of a dictatorship that has   been there for 60 years only in 18 days. So we were very naive.