Smile Quotes by Adam  Draper

The next phase of   the journey is to move from speculation to actual use cases - people getting   into Bitcoin because they want to use it.

Most people hoard   their money - just keep it in the bank. Bitcoin will really take off when   people start spending it, creating a velocity of money.

A startup is   literally just a series of unfortunate events where you failed, failed,   failed, and failed until you succeed.

For   Bitcoin, if it becomes a thing, it will become an enormous thing. It will be   world-changing. But if it's nothing, it's nothing. There is no in between.

When we announced   that we were going to support Bitcoin companies, we became a great lightning   rod for activity and fun.

No one has ever   raised capital because their pitch deck was pretty. A lot of people have   raised capital because they were over-prepared, knew where their business was   going, and were able to articulate that through a pitch alongside a pitch   deck.

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Bitcoin and the   block chain enables a whole new way to incentivize and transact, so change   the world with this new tool. Create and build! Surprise us with an idea we   have never seen before.

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I believe that   Bitcoin is going to change the way that everything works. I want   entrepreneurs to tell me how its going to change. Build the equivalent of an   Iron Man suit with Bitcoin.

I find it   difficult to turn down an entrepreneur who's both passionate and   knowledgeable about their space.