Smile quotes by aaron paul

People get in   fights because they don't communicate, because you don't want to hurt the   other person.

I was very driven   in high school. I worked a bunch of odd jobs. I never partied. I never drank.   I was just a theater geek who was obsessed with movies.

My heart is in   independent film-making. For me, it's where the fun, gritty storytelling is   being told.

Thank you,   Hollywood, for allowing me to be part of your group.

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I saw a lot of   people have success handed to them that then exploited it. They didn't   protect it or cherish it.

My favourite job   hands down - and I think I can speak for everyone involved - was 'Breaking   Bad.'

I didn't come from   any money, but even when I was on 'Big Love' - people think you're on a   series and you're making bank.

When you're   mid-season, in very intense situations, it's hard not to take that home with   you. Especially when you're sleeping, you can't control what you dream about.   And it sneaks into the unconscious.