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Smart Quotes By Ben  lloydhughes

I had a place at   university to study theology and philosophy. I got the divinity prize at my   school two years in a row. Probably because there were only 10 of us, but   still.

My mum still says   the biggest mistake I ever made was not being Benedict Lloyd-Hughes. She's   very upset. But the only one who calls me Benedict in real life is my granny.

My first ever-ever   professional role was in a television show in England called 'Love Soup.' It   starred Tamsin Greig. I just played a small role - I think officially my role   was 'teenage boy' - it was one episode.

I'm not on Twitter   or Facebook or anything. I just feel like my life is better without it.

I did a series in   Britain years ago called 'Skins,' and I remember my little sister telling me   that I had a Wikipedia page that was talking about me. But then it got   deleted because on Wikipedia anyone can write stuff, right? So I think that   it got sabotaged. But this is years ago, so it got taken down. I don't think   it exists anymore.

I come from West   London. I support a football team there called Queens Park Rangers, whom I'd   like to give a shout-out to. I'm a die-hard Rangers fan. I think that I would   always hopefully have a strong connection to and live in London, because it's   a brilliant city.

Funnily enough, I   did a play called 'Jumpy' on the West End before I did 'Divergent,' and there   was an essence of that character I played, called Cam, in Will. In the sense   of his vulnerability, and... he had a sense of humor that comes out of   adversity, similar to Will.

The books I used   to love as a kid, I used to read football books - and by that I mean soccer   books - stories about boys in school who started to play football and then   became the captain. I'd read them cover to cover. I just got lost in them.