Smart Quotes  By Behati  Prinsloo

I travel so much   for work that when I fly, I prefer to travel light and bring a carry-on bag   that I don't need to check.

I've been blessed   to work with amazing designers who have generously given me beautiful bags.   Lancaster was very sweet and let me pick out my favorite one when I shot the   campaign.

I honestly can't   pick a favorite person I like to work with - that would be like choosing a   favorite child!

I have no   expectations. Not in a bad way, but I've learned that you can't plan ahead. I   live day by day and see what happens.

I am a woman after   all, so some days I feel good and sexy in a bikini, and other days, I'm like,   'Where are my caftans?!'


The cut of the   bikini is definitely important. You want to wear one that compliments your   body type.

When I have a   shoot or a big job coming up, I try my best to work out four or five times a   week.