Powerful  Quotes From  Becki  Newton

Growing up, I had   a terrible pudding-bowl haircut. I used to cut it myself, and I'd sew my own   clothing, too. I looked a little strange compared to the other kids. But the   thing was, I felt I looked amazing, so what other people thought never   bothered me.

After leaving   school, I travelled around Europe for about six months. In Denmark, I thought   that was my chance to get an amazing haircut, so I went to what I thought was   a great hairdresser. It turned out to be the car wash of hairdressers, and I   walked out sporting yet another pudding bowl, but this time with a stripe   bleached down the centre.

I really enjoy   playing a sex symbol, but it's not something I feel in real life. I'm much   more of a natural girl at home.

I've managed to   get some beautiful bags. I have a great collection, and so does my mother. My   favourite is a purple one by Gucci, which I take everywhere!

As an actress, one   of the perks is having access to ridiculously expensive clothing and prancing   around on the red carpet. Who wouldn't want to have fun with that?

Glamour is fun!   Spending time to get ready isn't about being fussy; it's about taking care of   myself.

I'm not afraid to   go completely over the top. A lot of people are scared to seem silly or to   embarrass themselves, and I really don't have that at all - I don't mind   making a fool of myself. I like to just have fun and really go for it.