Powerful Quotes By Bella Thome

My big break was   becoming the spokesperson for Texas Instruments. Casting directors really   started giving me a chance to read for projects.

I don't want to be   that girl who has that same style all the time where the music always sounds   exactly the same, and you always know it's her.

Start going to bed   earlier! It is a tough adjustment when you have had a summer of staying up   late and waking up late.

It's not the   traditional promise ring. It's basically to always stay truthful. I think   that's a really important part of a relationship, that you're always honest   with each other.

My dream artist to   play at prom would be Frank Ocean. 'Thinking Of You' is one of my favorite   songs. He makes really sweet music for slow dancing at prom.

I have to work   extra hard because I am dyslexic. People said that I couldn't be an actress,   but I'm proving them wrong. Acting has helped me overcome the challenge.

My makeup artist,   Tonya Brewer, taught me the importance of moisturizing daily. Hydration is a   must if you want pretty, dewy skin - which I love.