Popular Quotes  From  Behati Prinsloo

My closet is   pretty organized, I'm proud to say. It's set up by type of clothes and then   by color. And then, of course, there's the rotating from spring/summer to   fall/winter.

I tried a juice   cleanse once, and by the third day, I wanted to kill everyone. I honestly   don't even think it's healthy. It's not good for you to just drink juice.   Like, if you detox for one or two days, fine, but a 10- or 14-day juice   cleanse? You have headaches, and I was in the worst moods. I couldn't do it.   Starving.

Chanel makes an   incredible red lip, and Tarte makes the best nude colors! I also love Giorgio   Armani lipsticks - the Rouge d'Armani.

The beach is   definitely where I feel most at home. It's my oxygen. I forget how much I   need it sometimes when I'm away working.

I think the   T-Shirt bra is really special for Victoria's Secret because it's that kind of   simple bra that you wear under the t-shirt, so it doesn't have any lace or   anything like that. So it's very smooth; it's very comfortable; it doesn't   have a lot of padding in it.

I think every girl   has a little bit of rebellion inside. It's always fun to not follow every   trend and not be the perfect good girl. It's edgy to be a little rebellious.

I travel so much   for work that when I fly, I prefer to travel light and bring a carry-on bag   that I don't need to check.