Popular Quotes By Barbara Boxer

I am sure that   every one of my colleagues - Democrat, Republican, and Independent - agrees   with that statement. That in the voting booth, every one is equal.

Medical   professionals, not insurance company bureaucrats, should be making health   care decisions.

Even if I have to   stand alone, I will not be afraid to stand alone. I'm going to fight for you.   I'm going to fight for what's right. I'm going to fight to hold people   accountable.

Those who survived   the San Francisco earthquake said, 'Thank God, I'm still alive.' But, of   course, those who died, their lives will never be the same again.

Law enforcement   officers are never 'off duty.' They are dedicated public servants who are   sworn to protect public safety at any time and place that the peace is   threatened. They need all the help that they can get.

I would love to   see a march on Washington that says 'Save our Social Security'.


For the sake of   the troops, for the love of the troops, we must not add yet another casualty   to this war. We must not let truth be a casualty of this war.

We are all   different. Yet we are all God's children. We are all united behind this   country and the common cause of freedom, justice, fairness, and equality.   That is what unites us.

The Saudi   government's denial of basic rights to women is not only wrong, it hurts   Saudi Arabia's economic development, modernization and prosperity.