Motivation Quotes By Barry Jenkins

I don't choose to   make movies as small as the movies I've made. The combined budget of my two   films is far under $5 million, but it's just by necessity that it ends up   being that way.

My films are   personal-voice-driven films about human characters and the place we live.   Technically, I'm an independent filmmaker.

'Moonlight' isn't   an issue film. It's not about addiction, it's not about sexuality, it's not   about identity. It's about all these different layers, because they are all a   part of the character.

The way I work,   things are very nuanced; not everything is explained.

As a person of   color from the South, San Francisco was the first city that really made me   feel like an other.

Avocados are incredibly nutritious. They contain more potassium than bananas, are loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and fiber.

I worked for Oprah   Winfrey for two years right out of college in 2004. I was a director's   assistant on the film 'Their Eyes Were Watching God,' which Oprah produced.

I love production.   I could do it 365 days a year. Post is different. It's just too slow, and   everything is very finite.

So, I hear you want to bake bread! You’ve come to the right place. Making bread is both easy and rewarding, especially if you learn these 6 fast rules for making bread.

'Moonlight' is a   story that hasn't been told. Whether placed as queer black cinema or urban   male cinema, the lack of coming-of-age films featuring people like Chiron and   set in places like inner-city Miami is pronounced and unfortunate.