Inspiring Quotes By Barbara bush 

Cherish your human   connections - your relationships with friends and family.

Well, look at what   people are doing for returned veterans now. The wounded warriors. They're   working hard to make the wounded veterans feel that they are loved and   welcomed home, unlike Vietnam. It was not a very kind, gentle world then. I   think we are kinder and gentler.

Believe in   something larger than yourself... get involved in the big ideas of your time.

You have to love   your children unselfishly. That's hard. But it's the only way.

Life has changed   enormously, and I hope - I hope more people read good things.

It seems to me I   spent my life in car pools, but you know, that's how I kept track of what was   going on.

You try to do   something every single day that will help an American or maybe someone   overseas.

To us, family means   putting your arms around each other and being there.