Life  Free Quotes By Becky Altertalli

I actually don't   know much about Jaclyn Moriarty's process or where her stories come from or   who inspired her characters. I just know that reading her books feels like   sitting with friends. Her characters feel alive.

I guess I feel   it's funny to be looked to for advice on writing when I am still taking in so   much from other people.

It's really   important to me to follow the kinds of conversations that happen around   diversity and representation and writing inclusive books.

When I read, I   don't need a character to look like me, act like me, or think like me. I   don't need to have my heart broken. I don't need to be surprised or amused or   challenged, and I don't need to swoon.

What I need, as a   reader, is a character with a heart and a voice and a pulse. I need a   character so vivid and so specific that she doesn't feel like fiction.

As a reader and as   a viewer, usually when I watch a movie, I'm caught up enough in the movie   that I'm not breaking it down to the details anyway.

I'm very much a   people-pleaser, and with a book out, I had to learn that you can't please   everybody with your book.