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Inspiring Quotes By Ben Dolnick

A novel is no mere   assemblage of gears; it is a wild and living being. And how are you to   discern the intentions of a creature - to discover its true nature - other   than by close and respectful observation?

Enrichment   happened to be my favorite time of day in the Children's Zoo, since it   offered relief from the security-guard-esque standing around that makes up   most of a zookeeper's day.

Literary   interviews are inevitably packed with the nuts and bolts of how writers do   their work, and there's very little that aspiring writers do more readily   than fling other people's nuts and bolts into their toolboxes.

For a long time,   since story collections look almost precisely like novels, I presumed that   they were meant to be enjoyed in the same way as novels.

If you were   placing bets on which author would write the tenderest, most moving book   about fatherhood, Philip Roth would probably come in at the bottom of the   list.

Sometimes I think   there ought to be a coat of arms for all of us who listen to Oberst's band   Bright Eyes past the age of twenty-six. 'With Love and Shame,' the motto   would read. The handwriting would be the cramped and tortured scribble of a   high school freshman.

Writing is a   sufficiently lonely and mysterious pastime that I don't begrudge myself a   talisman or two, so long as they don't become ways of distracting myself from   the glum inescapability of actual work.