Inspiring Quotes By Barry Hannah

I wanted very much   to be Miles Davis when I was a boy, but without the practice. It just looked   like an endless road.

Yellow Star
Yellow Star

A writer's job is   to destroy and then to build the thing back up again by a chosen means.

I lost my second   marriage because of drinking, and I loved the woman very much. But I thought   I needed booze to write. I'm glad I was disabused.

I wouldn't be   happy had I only been a teacher, if all I had done was help young people,   frankly. I don't get nearly the joy teaching as I do out of creation.

Flight Path

I hate editing. I   love to write, but I hate to reread my stuff. To revise.

I was   always kind of florid. And full of rhetoric. That was my flaw. My whole time   writing, I've had to work against that because it can be a wrecking posture.

My dad read   history, about a book a day, but only after he retired as a successful bank   and insurance man.