Happy Quotes By Becky  Albertalli

It's so easy as a   teen to feel like everybody is having this normal experience - except you.   You're on the outside.

There is no   universal gay experience. All stories are relevant, and all stories are   needed.

As a psychologist,   I'm painstakingly careful not to borrow my clients' stories for my fiction -   but in a general sense, I'm very much inspired by all the teenagers I've been   lucky enough to know and work with.

Don't be afraid of   growing up and changing and getting used to these newer versions of yourself   and becoming more comfortable sharing those versions of yourself with the   people in your life, even people who knew you when you were younger.

Love is bumping   along together with the people in your life and making mistakes and trying to   make them right by virtue of the fact that these are people you actually   love; you care about them enough to muddle through it with them.

'Simon' was always   a word-of-mouth book. When it came out in 2015, I don't know that anybody   thought that 'Simon' could be mainstream. Publisher Harper Collins loved it   in-house, but it wasn't a lead title. Nobody is more surprised than me that   it's a film. It's the little book that could.

You have this idea   that Hollywood is all about making money and is very impersonal. But 'Love,   Simon' is such a passion project for director Greg Berlanti.