HAPPY Quotes Barry Jenkins

'Moonlight'   changed me. To see people so moved by this movie inspires me to find   something else to offer. And maybe the next one touches only five people or   maybe just one person. To me, you know, that would still be worth it.

Sometimes, how you   ingest this idea of masculinity as projected onto you by the world could be   the difference of life and death.

As a writer, a   blank page will humble the hell out of you. It always does, and it always   will.

Art is inherently   political. Even trying to make a film that has nothing to do with politics   is, in and of itself, a political act.

To me, no matter   who you're casting for what role, if something's authentic, usually you can   mine something good there.


My first job was   cutting grass. In Miami, this grass grows everywhere. You just get the lawn   mower out, walk down the neighborhood, cut grass.


I think everybody   can identify, you know, with this sort of struggle to decide for yourself who   you are, you know, and what your place in life is.

As a filmmaker, I   really want to utilize the tools to carry the voice - my voice, and the voice   of the characters.

I didn't really   want to be a filmmaker, growing up. Other than Spike Lee's movies, I would   think, 'Where is a place for me?' We were so damn poor that it just seemed   too far beyond.