Happy Quotes By Barbar streisand

I love things that   are indescribable, like the taste of an avocado or the smell of a gardenia.

I like to stay   home a lot. I like to do other things too, like decorate or build.

Why is it men are   permitted to be obsessed about their work, but women are only permitted to be   obsessed about men?

My biggest   nightmare is I'm driving home and get sick and go to hospital. I say: 'Please   help me.' And the people say: 'Hey, you look like...' And I'm dying while   they're wondering whether I'm Barbra Streisand.

They're called   'angels' because they're in heaven until the reviews come out.

I don't care what   you say about me. Just be sure to spell my name wrong.

Why does a woman   work ten years to change a man's habits and then complain that he's not the   man she married?