Happy Quotes  By Barbara Jordan

I felt somehow for   many years that George Washington and Alexander Hamilton just left me out by   mistake. But through the process of amendment, interpretation, and court   decision, I have finally been included in 'We, the people.'

A government is   invigorated when each of us is willing to participate in shaping the future   of this nation.

Throughout out   history, when people have looked for new ways to solve their problems, and to   uphold the principles of this nation, many times they have turned to   political parties. They have often turned to the Democratic Party.

We call ourselves   public servants but I'll tell you this: we as public servants must set an   example for the rest of the nation. It is hypocritical for the public   official to admonish and exhort the people to uphold the common good.


We are a party of   innovation. We do not reject our traditions, but we are willing to adapt to   changing circumstances, when change we must. We are willing to suffer the   discomfort of change in order to achieve a better future.

The citizens of   America expect more. They deserve and they want more than a recital of   problems.

If we promise as   public officials, we must deliver. If we as public officials propose, we must   produce.

We must not become   the new puritans and reject our society. We must address and master the   future together. It can be done if we restore the belief that we share a   sense of national community, that we share a common national endeavor. It can   be done.

Let's all   understand that these guiding principles cannot be discarded for short-term   political gains. They represent what this country is all about. They are   indigenous to the American idea. And these are principles which are not   negotiable.