Happy Quotes by Adam Rich

Red Section Separator

Lyrically we tried   to just not be the same as a lot of the other crap that is out there right   now.

We really try to   make sure that the band writes the songs, not just one person.

You have to make   sure that your assets and your back is protected before you make any big   decisions.

Gray Frame Corner

As far as I can   see there are no problems with people in our band as far as the relationships   go anyway.

Multiple Blue Rings

You don't want the   biggest record deal as far as money goes, you just want to make sure that the   people at the label really support your band and the music and stuff.

Everything is   completely democratic in this band so far and that is the way that we would   like to keep it.

Dashed Trail

Hopefully people   can look at our band and see that we're a heavy rock band. We're definitely   not a metal band, but we're a band that focuses on meaningful lyrics and   melody.

A lot of big   labels will just sign bands like a write off.