Happy Quotes by Adam Draper


I saw Bitcoin as an   actual market opportunity: as a trillion-dollar marketplace with long-term   potential.

What bitcoin does   better than the current financial system is it's a better stored value   globally. There are a lot of countries that really don't trust their banks or   their currency, and bitcoin is an alternative.

What's really   happening is that every bank in the country is experimenting with the   blockchain and experimenting with bitcoin to figure out where the value is.   For the first time ever, they're working hand in hand with startups. Banks   are asking startups for help to build products.

Bitcoin has so much   potential, and that's why the believers are trying to facilitate its use as a   currency, so people use to buy things and spread it around more.

China just banned   ICO fundraising. They did Silicon Valley and the U.S. a favor - now we get   first dibs.

People wanted   Bitcoin to live so much, they basically willed it back into existence. That   showed me how passionate this community was about it.

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In the future, when   people look back at the early days of Bitcoin, they'll say, 'It was so   obvious that the ability to move money anywhere, instantly, at near-zero cost   would be a huge success.


There are very few   fundamental shifts in global infrastructure that can happen in our life   times. The financial infrastructure is one of them, and the Blockchain is   changing the way we think about the transfer of value.

For Bitcoin, if it   becomes a thing, it will become an enormous thing. It will be world-changing.   But if it's nothing, it's nothing. There is no in between.