Life Free Quotes by Abby Wambach

I think there's so   much emphasis on body image and results and outcome, but really what you   should be after is to be healthy and to feel good about yourself.

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For any athlete   growing up, the Olympics is the one thing you watch with your family, and   it's the one thing you dream about. Seeing your country's flag go up as you   get a gold medal is the best thing you can achieve.

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If this is your budget, you’re really sitting pretty in a city like NoLa.



At the most elite   level, your nutrition becomes a lifestyle: it's not something you have to do   when you're preparing for Olympic games or World Cup games - you just do it.   You're more inclined to eat healthier because it's better for your muscles.

Whenever you get to   win, you feel the satisfaction of all of your hard work, all the sacrifices,   all the blood, sweat and tears. It feels right and makes you realise that you   are really doing the right thing.

Sometimes when you   fail, it allows you the opportunity to grow more motivation and get more   intense about your training.

The most important   thing is that sometimes you have to go through hard times to get to the good   stuff.

My parents, they're   the kind of people that didn't want me to get a big head, so they just kept   challenging me and challenging me.