Growth Quotes From Ben Dolnick

Books like Munro's   are so deeply personal and idiosyncratic that it feels like a violation to   subject them to the crude business of committee meetings and PR releases; you   might as well storm a butterfly den with a klieg light.

True   atonement isn't the periodic shaving of karmic stubble via confessional; it   requires deep, truthful change. It means doing the hardest thing of all: not   making the same stupid mistake again.

vI will never, most   likely, be good at the piano, but thanks to it, I will never forget the   humbling, infuriating, necessary slowness of progress in any artistic   endeavor.

I've sold all but   one of my microphones, put away my mini-notebooks, stopped scouring the   Internet for scraps of wisdom.

I would love to   love Saul Bellow, but by page fifty of 'Herzog', something within me has   wandered into another room.

We humans, just   like the animals in our zoos, were born into bodies whose workings are both   mechanistically predictable and unfathomably complex. Put in lots of sugar,   and we'll get fat and sick. Confine our movement, and we'll get weak and   antsy. Give us some manageable problems with which to grapple, and we'll   cheer up.

The patron saint   of outlining - the bespectacled siren who sings to me from his spotless rock   - is P. G. Wodehouse.