Growth Quotes By Barry Mcgee

I read in a weird   way. It comes in waves, and then I start, like, five different books at once.   It takes me six months to a year to finish them all, since I read mostly on   planes.

I love graffiti   because it enables kids from every social extraction to do something that   brings them closer to art, when they normally wouldn't be stimulated to be   visually creative. Graffiti helps to develop an awareness of immediate   expressive and uncontrolled freedom.

I want to do just,   like, regular art. Whatever is made today on canvas goes up against all of   art history. It's the most radical thing.

Some people are   enraged, and some people are applauding. If there were a mission statement   for graffiti, that would be it.

I have tons of art   books. I have them all over the place. They are in my car, in my bag, and in   my studio. There are books around me all the time.

I wasn't trying to   turn graffiti into an art form. I just wanted to learn about art. I wanted to   learn this game.

I just try to get   away with as much as I can. I don't think that's very radical in the art   world.

I see a really   good tag on a building, a man passed out in the middle of the street, a   couple hugging, a cop arresting a panhandler. I'm interested in how all these   things are happening in one block.

I'm really into   California art from the '60s. I like a lot of Bay Area artists, like Nathan   Oliveira and Bruce Conner.