Good Quotes From Bellamy Young

My dad used to   say, 'Just be yourself and you'll be fine,' but it's really, really true.

I used to be so   hard on myself. So hard on myself. Just my own worst critic to the nth   degree. Absolutely undermining my confidence in every moment. Bad tape in my   head all the time.

I think you choose   how you walk through this life. I think if you choose to participate in a   paradigm that is looks-based, if you're an actor, then it can be empowering   in some ways, and it can be really limiting in some ways in terms of time and   longevity.

I started singing   when I was about 3 and dancing soon after. Mom just started looking for   outlets where I could perform and availed herself of any opportunity she   could in the mountains of North Carolina in the '70s.

Jackie O was so   capable in so many ways. Hillary tried to redefine the role when she got into   public policy, and Michelle Obama is able to move smoothly between form and   function, style and substance.

I'm blessed   because I had my mom as a teacher - sixth through eighth grade - and she is   one of the best teachers I've ever had.

Michelle Obama   blows my mind. Form and function, style and grace.