Good Quotes From Basmah Bind Saud

On the whole, it   is the rights and freedoms of all citizens that are crucial in Saudi Arabia   and from those the rights of women will emanate.

I want to state   clearly that I am a humanitarian, not an activist. I do not follow any   agendas - only that of humanity, not only in Saudi Arabia, but all over the   world.

Our constitution   should be inspired by the philosophy of the Koran with principles that are   set in stone and not open to the whims of individual judges, as is the case   now. In particular, the constitution should protect every citizen's basic   human rights regardless of their sex, status or sect. Everyone should be   equal before the law.

Why don't we   actually fight for a woman's right even to complain about being beaten up.   That is more important than driving. If a woman is beaten, they are told to   go back to their homes - their fathers, husbands, brothers - to be beaten up   again and locked up in the house.

Our religious   police has the most dangerous effect on society - the segregation of genders,   putting the wrong ideas in the heads of men and women, producing   psychological diseases that never existed in our country before, like   fanatacism.

The way women   today are treated in Saudi Arabia is a direct result of the education our   children, boys and girls, receive at school.

Early Islam was a   time of great creativity. Scholars excelled in sciences and literature.