Good Quotes By Becky Prinsloo

My mom used to   call me a 'jean hoarder' growing up because I had so many pairs of jeans -   and I still do.

I tend to only   color my hair once a year because I just like lighter streaks, and then, when   I go in the sun, my hair naturally just goes lighter anyway.

If I'm in N.Y.C.,   I love walking around during the summer. It's hot, but I love it. I enjoy   seeing everyone out. New York is such a fun place. The energy is so amazing   here during the summer.

Guys are so not   into high-waisted things. I love high-waisted jeans. We all think that   high-waisted things are flattering and awesome and beautiful and we're   rocking it, and guys are always like, 'Ugh, she's wearing those high-waisted   pants.'

My favourite way   of getting ready for a red carpet event is to turn the hair and makeup time   into a bit of a pre-party. I use the same artists all of the time, so we know   each other so well - so it's a 'hanging with friends' session. Music, lots of   laughing, and food - because you must eat before the event.

My ultimate style   pin up is a tough question because my own style is influenced by so many   sources. From Bianca Jagger to Kate Moss to Julie Christie. I love how they   are always themselves and it never looks too 'done.'

It's overkill when   you put too much fragrance on. It's the worst. Not sexy, and it makes me want   to puke. I'm nauseous. Know what I mean? Your game's off.