Good Quotes by Adam Draper

Energy and bitcoin   work really well together because you can pay out in micro-transaction units.   As the energy gets used, they pay out, and it's by the kilowatt rather than   by the month.

The world is a   global economy. I thought, 'It's a bummer we don't have a unifying currency.'   Then I saw Bitcoin had already had a crash and had the resistance to recover.   The community was strong enough to push it through again. That's really   exciting.

The blockchain does   one thing: It replaces third-party trust with mathematical proof that   something happened.

I think that the   future of currency is digital, and Bitcoin has a good shot at being the   currency of the future.

If money was being   invented now, it wouldn't be designed to look like cash or credit cards. It   would look more like Bitcoin.

I think there will   always be need of trusted voices in the investment community, but what the   ICO markets are showing is that the world has incredible demand for   future-looking projects!

I think that   governments are going to get disrupted by the blockchain. I think in the same   way that the Internet forced everyone to evolve, the Blockchain is going to   change the game again.

Bitcoin is here to   stay. There would be a hacker uproar to anyone who attempted to take credit   for the patent of cryptocurrency. And I wouldn't want to be on the receiving   end of hacker fury.