Famous Quotes By Ben Dolnick

When I started   researching the eco effects of eating meat, I'd assumed, for no good reason,   that environmental irresponsibility would correspond to both animal size and   deliciousness: Eating cows would be worst, eating pigs would be a bit less   bad, and eating chickens would be basically harmless.

Penelope   Fitzgerald's nine novels are thin enough that if you were so inclined, you   could take her entire literary output down from the shelf with a single   stretched hand. You'd be holding an eclectic bunch.

Herta Muller, Mo   Yan, Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio - for many of us, the Nobels have become   doubly educational: We simultaneously learn of an author's existence and find   out that we ought to have been reading him or her all along.

Philip Roth has   made a cottage industry of unlikable characters, but compared with Mickey   Sabbath, the furious and profane protagonist of 'Sabbath's Theater,' Roth's   earlier creations seem like Winnie the Pooh.

'At Freddie's'   takes place in 1960s London at the Temple Stage School for child actors. It   has a plot that makes you feel sorry for the people who have to write   summaries on the backs of books.

Literature is one   of those realms in which giving out prizes can seem not merely dubious but   positively obtuse.

People often talk   about the characters in books as if they were considering whom to invite to a   dinner party. 'Oh, I just hated her - she was so mean.' 'He's a bully; I   didn't like how he treated his mother.'