Best Quotes By Becki  Newton

I'm blessed that I   can leave it to the pros at work and red-carpet events, because I can't say   I'm adept. Still, I'm definitely not afraid to take chances when it comes to   beauty.

I've learned   through experience that you can't ever predict what's going to happen with   any show. When I signed on to 'Ugly Betty,' I just prayed that I wouldn't get   fired after the pilot, and four years later, I was still doing it.

I'm always looking   for that sense of fun and adventure and even unlikeability. I don't want to   be the obvious leading lady. I have the most fun playing these girls who are   a little damaged and maybe a little insecure and trying to overcompensate for   it.

When I read the   'Ugly Betty' pilot, I thought, 'Oh, this part's funny.' I said to my husband,   'I'm going to get it!' But based on what? All my exquisite comedic work in a   Nike commercial?

My husband is in   charge of all phone, email and texting duties at home. He even has to turn on   the TV and air conditioning because I'm so hopeless with technology.

I've learned   there's nothing wrong with being a little fussy. I used to pride myself on   being low-maintenance - I wore it like a badge of honor.

I keep my perfume   in the fridge. If someone sees me in the morning pushing aside the eggs to   grab my perfume, it might look a little odd, but it's so refreshing to spray   cold fragrance on your skin.

Normally, it's one   or the other - a pretty, straight woman or a more charactery woman who isn't   supposed to be attractive. But women like Tina Fey are leading the charge on   being both. You can be funny and attractive.