Best Quotes By Jenkins

We are carrying   these images out into the world, and we can't control how people   contextualize those images no matter how virtuous our aspirations and our   intentions are.

Orange Lightning

At school,   film-making had been the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. Then   I get to L.A., and it's this whole other thing. I checked out.

I'm so damn   boring. I like reading and writing and making coffee. And walking. Barry   Jenkins likes long walks.


Whenever I tell   people I'm from Miami, they always ask me about the beach. But I can count on   one hand the times I went there as a kid.

Flight Path

I'm always about,   'What is the most productive version of what I'm putting into the world?'   Something that can be engaged by all folks. I don't have to change everyone.

I was hiding   behind athletics and all my jockitude, so I didn't have to deal with being   ostracized as the weird art kid.

I think it's   really important to remind, reinforce people that their lives have value, you   know? That their lives have worth.

Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern

I'm very much a   person of nurture over nature. When the world is not nurturing, it can really   change a man.

Brush Stroke

There were times   when we didn't have hot water or a phone line. But I guarantee you, we always   had cable, and it was always on.